Elevated Work Platform for HVAC Access

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Custom Elevated Work Platform With Stairs and Guard Rails

This image shows one of the best uses of an ErectaStep Elevated Work Platform system. Look closely at how well this work platform system is snugged right up to where it needs to be. One of the best things about ErectaStep, when you compare it to rental scaffolding, or a ladder is the amount of time, money, and safety your company gains by installing a system.

-Rental Scaffolding – Rental scaffolding takes time to install and takedown, is expensive, and in some cases is not OSHA compliant.
-Ladders – If you are still dragging a ladder out for routine maintenance, a RollaStep Mobile Elevated Work Platform system or an ErectaStep fixed work platform is a better solution for your workforce.

A Mobile or Fixed Platform offers your company clear advantages over alternatives.

A RollaStep mobile platform system or an ErectaStep platform is better than scaffolding because the built-in safety elements are consistent. Each RollaStep mobile platform or ErectaStep work platform is OSHA compliant. OSHA compliance is essential for your company.

The rooftop HVAC suite in this image needs to be accessed frequently, and the fixed ErectaStep work platform provides safe, reliable OSHA compliant access for workers and their equipment.

Are there any areas in your facility where an installed Erectastep elevated work platform or a mobile Rollastep can be to your benefit?

The components that make up the platforms of each system are made in the U.S.A. and have undergone extensive quality checks and thousands of hours of field testing. RollaStep and ErectaStep have sold thousands of these safety systems to companies like yours. If you are thinking of buying a portable ladder or renting scaffolding consider the differences that a RollaStep or ErectaStep system will give your company.

-Quality Materials – Solid metal components that lock in place using bolts and superior engineering.
– OSHA Compliance – All the stairs, ladder rungs, platforms, handrails, and safety guardrails are OSHA compliant.
– State Of The Art Fall Protection – When combined, each element of the
RollaStep and ErectaStep systems provide state of the art fall protection. The solid metal guardrails, non-slip stairs, and non-slip platforms create a very safe work zone that workers feel confident about.
-Easy Installation – Most systems can in place in hours.
-Peace Of Mind – Rollastep and ErectaStep offer “Safety Peace Of Mind,” good looks, and an upgrade from ladders and scaffolding mean that you have given your workers a better option. Choosing either kind of RollaStep or ErectaStep work platforms is an improvement.

Improve your company’s commitment to worker safety today!

Call Rollastep today and allow our advisors to assist you with a plan for which system will serve your work needs now. Systems and components are ready to ship, easy to install, and a complete win for your company. Call RollaStep today to get your project moving.