Metal Stair Crossover

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A good set of Crossover stairs can get a worker to manual flow control valves safely.

Horizontal ground pipes in Fuel Depots are everywhere! You can’t miss them but you can get over them. Go to any Fuel Depot or Tank Farm that has above-ground storage tanks and look at all the piping that runs on ground level. Getting over all those pipes is not easy, especially in bad weather or if a person is responding to something in a hurry.

A good crossover system is important and OSHA compliant.

All fuel depots have manual shutoff valves and directional valves that must be accessed. Therefore, keeping open response routes to vital areas safe and clear is very essential. This kind of pipe gets in the way, and workers have to get over them. Sometimes in a hurry.

The key to OSHA compliance at a fuel depot is to install crossover stairs.

ErectaStep’s Crossover stairs are a versatile and easy to install modular stair system that solves problem areas easily. Does your Tank Farm need more OSHA compliance?
ErectaStep makes OSHA compliant crossover stairs that can keep your Tank Farm or Fuel Depot in compliance with OSHA regulation CFR1926,1050-1060.

OSHA states…_When there is a break in elevation of 19 inches (48 cm) or more and no ramp, runway, embankment or personnel hoist is available, employers must provide a stairway or ladder at all worker points of access.

OSHA also states…

In addition, employers must install all stairway and ladder fall protection systems required by these rules and ensure that their worksite meets all requirements of the stairway and ladder rules before employees use stairways or ladders. See 29 CFR 1926.1050-1060 for the details of the standard.

How to analyze and inspect existing crossover stair systems.

– Examine your current crossover systems. Check for corrosion, especially at the weld and other connection points. Are there any rusted areas?
– Is the paint job on the handrails and guardrails not as yellow as it could be?
– Is there a chain gate on the crossover? Sometimes access to tank farm crossovers have been cross chained to control access. OSHA does not approve of this practice.
– Are the handrails and guardrails in place firmly or do they jiggle or wobble when you pull on them? The rails should be connected firmly with no looseness.
– Is any part of the existing stairway bent or jagged due to old age or misuse? Bent platforms or holes in the non-slip surface can be a source of injuries.

When it is time to replace a crossover system that has seen better days or to install a new crossover, ErectaStep has the easy answer. A modular industrial-strength platform that can be installed in hours. Each ErectaStep system is OSHA compliant from the stairs to the rails. and handrails. All crossover systems that will keep your site in compliance can be shipped today! Call ErectaStep to modernize and bring your crossover action plan into compliance.