Rollastep MP Mobile Platform in Use for Maintenance

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Portable Rollastep platforms are “on the spot work and safety solutions.”

RollaStep goes where you need work done thanks to 360-degree swivel wheels and its lightweight but solid construction. The safety advantages offered to your workers are

The Advantages

A broad base creates safe support for the work platform and industrial-grade stairs.

The stairs meet all OSHA requirements for length, depth, and weight-bearing requirements.

Robust high-grade aluminum handrails and guardrails create a state of the art fall protection system.

A six square foot non-slip platform. (That’s a lot of workspace)

A toe board that prevents tools from falling to the ground.

Easy Maneuverability (360-degree lockable wheels can get the rolling platform just about anywhere.)

The ability to place a safe work platform in a confined workspace.

There are so many areas in any industrial setting where a stable portable work platform would be a daily asset.

The four base RollaStep models

Are ready to ship to your Jobsite today!

Each RollaStep platform is OSHA compliant.

Do You Need A Custom Rollastep Solution?

Work with our engineering team to implement a custom rolling platform that addresses your unique needs with quality and built-in safety for your workers. Contact us to learn more.