RollaStep’s mobile stairs provide safe and easy access for daily tasks

RollaSteps easily move to your projects on heavy-duty casters and lock into place during use. With a wide selection of standard and customizable designs and features, the RollaStep family is able to provide you with access to both common and unique areas. Standard RollaStep, our flagship design, has delivered consistent results over time to become a customer favorite. 

Whether your application calls for access to machinery, rack, or other equipment, you can’t go wrong with the standard RollaStep. For those looking to save costs on shipping, we recommend our folding RollaStep model. The folding RollaStep utilizes a knockdown construction, to reduce freight cost without compromising safety, structural integrity, or longevity. The intuitive design is easy to assemble and offers a similar specification to the standard RollaStep model. Big projects call for big equipment and our Super Duty RollaStep doesn’t disappoint. 

RollaStep MP Series Mobile Platform

Aluminium RollaStep is the standard of choice when working in humid, moist, or clean environments. Made of high-strength alloy aluminum, it’s 1-inch diameter pipe construction supports capacities of 300 pounds, while also resisting corrosion. The EX-Climb RollaStep is a highly ergonomic ladder that has been designed for comfortable and frequent use. With a 45-degree angle climb, first of all, it makes it easier to go up and down the ladder, grab something off the shelf and turn around and walk back down, because you don’t have to maintain that 3-point connection. Maintenance professionals will enjoy the unique construction of our Cantilever RollaStep. Once moved into position it provides effective access for projects on tankers, aircraft, and industrial machinery without physical contact.