Monorail System Chooses Reliable Mobile Platform Ensuring their Employees are Safe

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Rolling maintenance platforms at a Jacksonville Transit Authority facility in Florida

If someone says that rolling platforms merely benefit the aviation industry, then think again. The Jacksonville Skyway is using our portable stairs for engine maintenance access. As you can see in the photo above, the monorail engine access door is too tall for the railway platform. The JTA Skyway is an elevated monorail system 2.5 miles long and traverses the St. Johns River to Kings Avenue on the Southbank. It spans high over the bustling streets of Downtown Jacksonville and extends to Kings Avenue on the Southbank. The fully automated Skyway consists of eight stations, five on the Downtown Northbank and three on the Downtown Southbank. These stations provide passengers easy access to various locations, including state institutions, commercial establishments, diners, market stalls, galleries, and leisure locations.

Proof that it’s not just a staple in the aviation sector, rolling platforms are an essential piece of equipment for many industrial and commercial layouts. They provide a stable, mobile work surface that employees can use in elevated or hard-to-reach spots. Rolling platforms are popular for many applications due to their stability and mobility. They are also much safer than ladders, as they provide a more stable work surface and minimize the menace of workplace accidents. In addition, rolling platforms are often easier to set up and use than ladders, making them a more efficient choice for many unique situations. Best of all, our rolling work platforms are code-compliant for industrial and commercial applications.

Rolling platforms are an excellent choice for working in confined locations. Swivel casters are standard on most rolling platforms, allowing them to be used in small corridors and busy areas. These casters provide a 360-degree swivel, meaning workers can easily maneuver it in any direction in the least amount of time. Unlike traditional ladders, which need intense effort to navigate narrower locations, these metal work platforms may be pulled out and retrieved effortlessly. Rolling platforms are a piece of crucial equipment for any maintenance worker or repairman because they give a safe and effective means to operate in difficult-to-reach spots in any industrial facility.

Worker safety has always been the forefront advantage of rolling platforms. Metal handrails provide people with the three points of contact needed to have a stable climb up and down, and the guardrails protect them from accidental loss of balance when using them to reach an elevation. These same wheeled platforms can also serve diverse purposes, from rolling ladders, rolling scaffolds, order-retrieval platforms, mezzanine access, and maintenance scaffolds. Their portability and easy maneuverability make them the absolute preference for any business or work site. Any worker can use both hands when carrying equipment or tools on these wheeled metal stairs, which helps to distribute weight evenly and avoid straining the back or arms.

A great way to move heavy objects without hurting workers’ spines, these platforms can just be wheeled out without needing to ask more people for help. Not only that, but the stair parts are also modular, so you can replace any damaged part independently without having to buy an entirely new set. Constructed with corrosion-resistant aluminum, they can also be used indoors and outdoors without fear of rust damage. It is hard to believe that such a solid and well-built work platform could feel like a fixed platform, providing workers with freedom in posture as they work away at their task without any worry about falling off or getting injured from being unstable. A rickety ladder may seem more appealing when you’re trying not just to succeed but thrive–no wonder many people are risking safety for what appears (from afar) a cheaper option! The freedom to move about freely without pain or fear is a great incentive for workers who want their work done when they feel safe.

No doubt, rolling platforms are a must-have whether you need to access industrial shelving or a mobile loading platform to facilitate heavy items into your flatbed trailer trucks inside a storage area. Other advantages of rolling carts include being weather resistant and durable against wear and tear. With proper safety measures in place, a rolling platform is a versatile tool for workers in many diverse industries.