Machinery Platform with Safety Stairs

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The ErectaStep Machinery platform with safety stairs.

You see Flexibility and Quality in this image. You don’t have to look too hard to see these two superlatives in abundance! The ErectaStep Machinery Platform with Safety Stairs delivers Flexibility and Quality at every installation. Thousands of Safety Managers and Site Managers have solved unique work situations like this one using the ErectaSteps modular components. They chose ErectaStep for crossovers and work platforms because they get…

-Easy Installation
-Fast Immediate Shipping
– Instant price quotes
– Instant design advice

These benefits are available for your company today!

You are already on your way to implementing an ErectaStep solution when you place that first call to us. We will work with you to determine a perfect solution for a work platform or crossover system that is durable, OSHA compliant, and expandible.

Start implementing a solid solution today!

The flexibility of ErectaStep systems is perfect for any industrial setting. Expensive installed machinery comes in many shapes and sizes, and ErectaStep systems can accommodate any shape or size of equipment comfortably. Our platforms can be built around the equipment that needs to be worked on. The platforms can snug right up to the machinery giving your workers comfortable space to work prone, kneeling, or standing up. There is plenty of room for tools and heavy specialized equipment for switch-outs. Extensive fall protection guardrails surround your elevated workers.

Safety, Comfort and Easy Installation in thousands of settings

You can expand platforms, change their direction, and go as high as you need to. Modular components are at the heart of ErectaStep’s flexibility. It all comes down to the quality engineering that is applied to each of the five main parts. Quality engineering, Quality Manufacturing, and Quality Analysis (QA) has come together at ErectaStep to produce a superior product that looks great on your site’s floor. To say that we are proud of this product is an understatement. The thousands of installed platforms that are used every day are the most significant validation of this system.

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If your machinery needs an installed work platform, the chances are good that a prefabricated platform will not fit with the precision you need. ErectaStep is the perfect choice one call choice for putting in an elegant solution.

ErectaStep works with thousands of companies like yours placing OSHA compliant work platforms that create worker comfort, and confidence as they safely work on your machinery, and products. ErectaStep is used for working on mechanical issues, electronic installations, and switchouts. We can work with you by giving you the best platform solution for your company. Give us a call and see how we can help you today.