Mobile Ladder Safety Training Video

Working at heights brings considerable risk for workers. When used properly, mobile ladders can be a useful way to get the job done safely. This video from the American Ladder Institute provides the important information you need to keep your workers safe while working at heights in your facility. In addition to providing high-quality fall […]

Maximizing Safety & Minimizing Injuries with RollaStep Mobile Ladders

According to the CDC, more than 500,000 people are treated and approximately 300 people die each year from injuries while using a ladder. The result is an estimated $24 billion collective loss due to medical, legal, liability, and pain and suffering expenses. Although March is designated as Ladder Safety Awareness Month, we believe anytime is […]

RollaStep’s mobile stairs provide safe and easy access for daily tasks

RollaSteps easily move to your projects on heavy-duty casters and lock into place during use. With a wide selection of standard and customizable designs and features, the RollaStep family is able to provide you with access to both common and unique areas. Standard RollaStep, our flagship design, has delivered consistent results over time to become […]

Metal Work Platform With Swing Gate and Ladder

Don’t Fall for the Most Common Industrial Ladder Myths

It’s easy to encounter situations where it’s hard to fully grasp the bigger picture staring right at us. From friendships and business relationships to new information and products, making assumptions based on first impressions is commonplace. So is the disappointment that sets in when reality bites back.  Misconceptions are a part of life, that’s why […]

Guidelines for Working Safely with Mobile Ladder Stands and Platforms

Each year, preventable injuries and fatalities occur involving mobile ladder stands and mobile ladder stand platforms. This typically happens when they are not operated according to manufacturers’ instructions and industry safety standards.  Comprehensive workplace safety and health policies and procedures, including safe mobile ladder stand design, training, usage, and inspection, can prevent such incidents.  Design […]

The Importance of Choosing the Right Vendor

Ultimately, the responsibility for providing a safe workplace falls on the shoulders of employers. But your vendor should be there alongside you to help support this mission. And they should be committed to this task — not just your pocketbook. A safety solutions vendor should be an asset to trust and lean on throughout your […]

Aluminum or Steel: Which Metal is Better

Steel, a carbon-iron alloy, and aluminum, a metal, are two of the most highly used materials on Earth, especially within industrial applications.  Aluminum’s silvery-white appearance and lightweight properties compared with steel’s high tensile strength and low cost are just a few of their many distinctions, allowing for a wide span of differences when it comes […]